Presenting the HCS 2016 4th-5th Grade Musical!

We are pleased to announce this year's 4th and 5th grade musical, Hans Christian Andersen's The Nightingale. Set in distant China, this story features the Emperor's Palace, a magical forest, and a message of love, freedom, and the healing power of music. There are opportunities for singing roles - both solo and chorus, narrators, and dancing (tai chi!). I am also considering a small number of openings for crews. 

There will be a Parent Meeting on Thursday: December 8th at 6pm in the Chorus Room. There are many costumes to make, and building our Palace with a red pagoda roof is something we can start planning right away! If you are interested in helping, or simply want to know more before your child auditions, please come on Thursday. Feel free to email Kristin Miskavage at to rsvp. 

Thank you, 

Stacy Chadwell