Welcome to Hinesburg Community School, a PreK through 8th grade school, located in Hinesburg, Vermont.
CSSU Mission  

 Announcements for Friday, January 23rd

  • Auditions for the 4/5 musical "Dig It!" are next Monday and Tuesday.  1) Please sign up to audition on the form by the music room door.  2) Please remember to return your forms.  3) A copy of the script and a CD are in the library if you want to see it ahead of time.
  • HCS Student Council Food Drive (Jan. 12 - Feb.13th) 
Calendar Reminders:
  • 1/26 & 1/27: Auditions for the 4/5 Musical (Dig It!) from 3:00 to 4:15 pm
  • 1/28: Jazz, Advanced Bands & 7-8 Chorus 7:00PM
  • 1/30: District Music Festival at AD Lawton- 8:15-4:00PM
  • Cochran's this month: 1/15, 1/22, 1/29

  • 3/20: 4/5 Musical - Dig It! Performance for K-5 Students 1:15 pm
  • 3/20: 4/5 Musical - Dig It! Performance for the Community 7:00 pm.

(All forms for the 4/5 Musical (Dig It!) can be found under the Theater section of this Web Page AND under the link for Dig It! under Headlines on the right hand side of the page.  Please return student and parent forms to the Main Office by Wednesday, January 21st.)